We want you to be...


Drive success through collaboration and connection.



Embrace new technologies and fathom new technical advancements to evolve your business design.


Adaptable to change

Acknowledge current processes and further build on these to expand your operations and success metrics.


Expect premium service

Bennu’s team of partnered experts are committed to providing a service that enhances your business and keeps you informed throughout your journey.

  • Call tracking
  • Campaign management
  • Reporting dashboards
  • Creative services


Understand your reporting

Your data shows an honest representation of your business objectives and aspirations. Understanding insights in purchasing behavior, geo-targeting, digital interactions, and seasonal trends to stay in touch and personalise content to suit customer needs.

  • Customer reporting
  • Build customer data pools
  • High volume low cost


Digital Marketing

Organic Search and Content Creation


Be visible on search engines through effective content creation and website management. Appeal to your target market through keyword optimisation and content.


Campaign Inclusions

  • Management
  • Positioning and competitor analysis
  • Performance reporting
  • Content audit and calendar
  • Keyword mapping, research and opportunities
  • Site audit and site structure


*Setup and management fee’s apply



Paid Search (Online Advertising)


Increase your presence across Google and Bing and help your most valuable customers easily find you online.


Campaign Inclusions

  • Implement and management ongoing bidding and adjustments
  • Ad extensions – display access mapping to your business, links to important additional pages within your site, click-to-call phone numbers, business ratings and reviews
  • AdWords best practice guidelines are implemented across all campaigns
  • Campaign audit and analysis



Social Advertising


Drive demand and ROI through your social channels. Target prospects and amplify your messaging through Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and more!


Campaign Inclusions:

  • Execution and ongoing management
  • Campaign development and creation
  • Audience segmentation and analysis
  • Social Campaign audit



Email Marketing


Email marketing is single-targeted messaging designed to engage the reader and encourage them to engage in activity with your business.


We create campaigns that are leading in design and conversion. Your call-to-actions and messaging drive home conversions and repeat customers.


  • Campaign planning and execution
  • Managed email marketing services
  • Audience nurturing and growth
  • Strategy and campaign optimisation
  • Email design and production

Data Analysis & Technology

Data Analysis


Data is a critical part of your marketing process. Ignoring your database and how it’s managed and analysed can cause reporting implications, improper campaign targeting, and huge revenue losses.

Our data analysis techniques ensure your campaign’s are direct and targeted to the right audience. Our attention to data quality and accuracy increases ROI and retains reporting efficiency.

We can clean and update your data as well as ensure your lists are current and relevant so your targeting is accurate and your campaigns successful.




Understanding where your traffic is coming from and how it interacts with your brand is key to your digital strategy. This allows for effective campaign management with optimal targeting and analysis for improvement.


Identifying your key performance indicators (KPIs), goal requirements, company expectations, and growth are imperative elements to your overall sales and marketing strategy. We can enhance and refine your prospect journey, purchase behaviour and maximise your lead generation efforts.



Lead Generation

Lead Analysis


Identifying data categories and lead information whilst building a database can be arduous with repercussions down the track. We analyse your data and provide you with a database development roadmap, data research, and pipeline assessment on how your current lead generation efforts are performing.




Have you tried everything you know and still not moving the line graph upward? Let us review your current processes and optimise your lead generation steam engine to be in full motion.




To ensure a telemarketing team is maximising their time contacting prospects, pre-qualifying leads is a sensible road to travel to save money and time. We have a wide variety of partners specialised in lead pre-qualification.


Custom Built Campaigns


Pipeline big or small, we’ll discuss your requirements and provide you with qualified leads to meet sales targets and budget expectations.


Bennu's unique relationship...


Bennu is supported and has partnered with Australia’s leading media, digital and technology companies. We maintain a startup approach to customer engagement while having the capabilities of a large scale business.


We have partnered with the best


To help us provide highly specialised services, we've partnered with the best to deliver perfect technology and solutions for our clients. Our partners are here to help you to go above and beyond your expectations.


Built for today's brand publishing


Building a new and custom website is critical to laying the right foundations as part of any brands marketing strategy. It becomes the go to destination point for information and purchasing. Bennu will ensure that audiences landing on your site will be engaged, informed and will want to keep coming back!

Built in e-commerce platform, create stories, amplify with social, and then enrich with user generated content, images and video – integrated into a single platform.


Key features & benefits:

  • Speed to market
  • Individual Store micro sites imbedded to give local voice
  • Built for Google
  • Mobile and tablet responsive
  • Full suite of reporting tools to track and analyse performance
  • Integrates directly into CRM
  • Purpose-built for content-driven brand, campaign and event publishing
  • Customised and lead generating individual store landing pages
  • Easy and user friendly e-commerce platform
  • A content platform built for today’s social web

Digital Media

Premium Targeting Capability


We have the ability to access all three levels of behavioural data including News Corp Australia’s first party data. We combine purchase behaviours and product preferences to create bespoke segments using advanced data techniques to deliver messages directly to your most valuable customers.




Keep your business in front of your most valuable customers after they leave your website, reminding them of your business, keeping you on their shopping list and increasing the chances of conversion. Retargeting allows you stay in front of potential leads and repeat customers whilst they visit numerous premium websites throughout their purchase cycle.

Sales growth

Demand and Supply Planning


Some of our clients require assistance in setting up and managing their own sales forces and sales call centres. Our long experience in lead generation means we are able to come to your offices and put an effective strategy in place to meet almost any requirement.


Our training and induction programmes are considered the best in the industry. We can train sales staff in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth, Darwin, Adelaide and Hobart. If you would like some assistance in training phone based sales people within your organisation, please talk to us about how we can introduce training programmes to your organisation.


Is it sales ramp up season and you’re having trouble forecasting budget, lead generation and telemarketing requirements for the week, month, quarter, or year? We have various experience from small to large enterprises managing demand and supply forecasting.